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Parking Access , RFID Parking , Pay Parking System


ZKTeco smart parking provides a total solution for both small parking lots and a busy multi-storey carpark. By providing drivers a precise parking guidance with indicating lights and parking guidance cameras, drivers can effortlessly to search their car locations with vehicle search kiosk, and quickly go to the available parking bays at the carpark entrance area.


Parking Guidance cameras in this robust solution automatically monitor the use of the car park along with the availability of spaces, 24 hours a day. More sophisticated and useful than the usual ‘Spaces available’ sign, the system actually highlights the available parking spaces to customers and guides them to those spaces upon arrival. This is achieved via parking guidance display screens at critical junctions within the car park, which display the number and location of available parking spaces.


Benincà is the first company of the group, and it specializes in producing automation devices for doors, gates, road barriers and electronic accessories. Born of the passion of its two founding partners, today it represents Italian expertise in the world through a constant quest for excellence through materials and technologies, demonstrated through an international network of professionals.

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